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tv   News  ABC  May 4, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." news time 6:31. we have a developing story right now in baltimore involving traffic could be fog related for more let's go to lauren cook with a check of the commute. >> reporter: thanks. we are following break news out of baltimore county -- breaking news out of baltimore county. a serious accident in phoenix at the intersection of jaredsville park at dulaney valley road. three people have been seriously injured. they have life-threatening injuries and we will bring outvery latest as it becomes available -- you the very latest as it becomes available. 95 is nice and clear and 695. you can see little fog in the shot. but no delays to fort hk mchenry and harbor tunnel clear. 695 in towson at due lanny valley road. no delays -- dulaney valley road. an 11 minute delay from 95 to
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83. now for the self-day forecast, here's -- seven-day forecast, here's lynette charles. >> let's talk about the patchy fog because it's dense patchy fog in baltimore. and also york. you are looking at one mile visible. and five in easton. we have been holding on a to the 5 for a while along the eastern shore. and five in winchester and 6 in hagerstown. it's going to be a slow go of it. look at what we have. as we start you out in towson, the temperatures there is around 57 degrees. that humidity is at 99%. and 57 is the dew point "a"- point. and we are looking at glen oak where it's 59 degrees. the 100 herz humidity means we are -- 1 had hundred% humidity means we are -- 100% humidity means we are dealing with patchy fog. we have a wet roadway and then we will start to see the fog develop around the area. and this is what we are left with as of now. as we go through the remainder of the morning, we have a chance for some slight showers to pop up in the forecast. a better chance going into the afternoon. and it's going to be very warm
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and very humid outside. take the rain gear with you. a we will see a few peeks of sunshine. after three decades of public service commissioner fred bealefeld is calling it a career. this caught some people off guard and sherrie johnon is herewith what's -- johnson here with what's next. >> reporter: we will hear from fred bealefeld about his decision to step down. he he has left quite a impact on the charm city going after criminals and determined to catch them. what he calls bad guys with guns maniacs and knuckle heads. according to city leaders he says wants a spend more time with his family. after 31 years as member of the baltimore police department and five years as commissioner, he says it's time to step down. he is one of the longest serving police commissioners in the recent history of the police department. he oversaw a steep decline in the murder rate but it left him exhausted by the pressures of the job. but a parade of departmental scandal come nated headlines
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and -- dominated headlines and overshadowed his efforts. an off-duty officer killed an unarmed marine during a bar fight and officer convicted dealing drugs from a police station park lot. bealefeld admits he he's had a tough year with personal losses. the departure coincides with his 50th birthday. there's nationwide search to find his replacement. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. there will be no civil case against the jewish neighborwood neighborhoods in connection with the beating of a african american teen in 2010. one of the brothers eli werdesheim was found guilty but his brother was cleared of all charges. the family dropped the civil case because the teen was so emotionally broken up by the trial his mother says she was not going to put him through that again. more details have been released about the big counterfeit good bust in baltimore last week. the homeland security
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department says it's the largest seizure ever. they confiscated more than $47 million from the patapsco flee market they were work on the investigation for 2 1/2 years. five people have been charged with selling the counterfeit items. you have seen people trying all kinds of methods when landing a job. hear what a man in oklahoma is doing trying to a get an exchange for a job this may be a first. also, spirit airlines caused a ruckus when they started carry on items and now it will get bigger with a new announcement straight ahead when good morning maryland continues. that's a live look at 695 and liberty road. more coming up in bit on the breaking news. see right now a heavy fog over much of the area.
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news time 6:39. a live look at traffic. we are following breaking news. this is a shot of the foggy i- 95 and 695. an accident in north baltimore county near the phoenix community. three confirmed injured. two of those could be life- threatening injuries. we have lauren cook on this right now. we will bring you much more coming up in the abc2 news to go coming up in five minutes. now in other news. -- now in other news pepsi teaming up with the king of pop. the company truck a deal with michael jackson's estate to use his image for a global marketing push including special edition cans and chance for fans to win special edition merchandise. jackson teamed with up pepies in the 80s. his hair caught fire while filming a pepsi ad. he lost his job but a oklahoma man came up with a interesting idea to land a new
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one. dress dressed in a -- dressed in a suit and tie he is offering a person who helps him find a job a trip for two to hawaii. >> my thought was if i could reward good behavior, why not? you know it speed up the process. >> all right he has done this before this is not a first. this is actually how he got the first job out of college. consumer aremember the for air travelers -- if alert for air travels. spirit airlines is bringing existing fees of carry on bags from 45 to 100 each way that's $200 round trip. it doesn't apply for your purse or a laptop bag they can fit under seat so spirit airlines sticking it to you if you fly. your abc2 news to go is coming up including the latest details on two people found shot inside ellicott city church. sherrie johnson. >> reporter: well, two women shot in the church. another man found dead near the
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we begin your abc2 news to go with breaks new out of north baltimore county a traffic accident we have all new information now in the abc2 newsroom. lauren cook has details. >> reporter: well, the crash happened just after 6:00 this morning right at the intersection of jaredsville park and police confirmed two people have died. two others seriously injured. and we will stay with abc2 news to bring you the latest as it becomes available. out on the beltway here's a live look at dulaney valley road an 11 minute ride on outer loop from 95 up towards 8 3. west side will remain clear from 795 towards 95. and here's a live look at 95. right at 695, that southwest corridor is going to be in
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great shape. notice the fog so expect you know reduced visibility in the area and reduce the speeds and you might want to turn on the low beams. that's a look at your abc2 time safer traffic. now over to lynette charles for a look at the 7-day forecast. >> good morning. you know we are dealing with a lot of fog out there that is causing problems like you are talking about. let's look around some of the spots this morning. we are looking at the fog in your been aan -- urbana: we have 96% humidity. dew points 62. and the winds are out of the east southeast so. we are getting the south eastern flow this morning. as we go into ellicott city, that temperature is at 58 degrees. and we can see the humidity isat 100%. that means the dew point and the temperature the exact same. we are dealing with saturation out there. now we look at some of our weather bug sites. the cameras show that we started on the wet side in ellicott city.
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and then there comes the fog. that's what we are dealing with going through the rest of the morning hours. and then it goins burn off -- it begins to burn off. jess upclose to 2/-- jessup close to 1/10 of an inch. this will continue in more thunderstorms possible as we go into the afternoon. so take the rain gear with you but we are going to be getting sunshine in here. charley. >> now to the developing story we reported as breaking news last night. a woman found shot to death inside a church and another woman critically injured next to her. a short time later, a man was found dead in the woods nearby. and abc2 news sherrie johnson is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: well, i've been on the phone with howard county police this morning. right now, officers are trying to figure out what led to the shootings of two women inside a church in ellicott city. police responded to st. peters episcopal church at 5:20 after a church custodian called 911 to report he found two women who appeared to have been shot- side an office -- inside an
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office. one woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the other was taken to shock trauma in critical condition. later they found a man's body in the woods close to the church. he was dead from what appeared to be a self-inflecked -- inflicted gunshot wound. it's likely he shot the women before shooting himself. people nearby heard what was going on and were worried for their safety. >> immediately we thought the woods behind our house and we said should we get the kids packed up and go to one of our parents' houses. >> reporter: police have not released the identities of the victims. they are trying to figure out a motive in the case. officers doesn't know why any of them were -- don't know why any of them were inside the church. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. more than a hundred former nfl players filed a suit against the national football league. they add their names to 1500 plaintiffs. the players say there hasn't been enough done to protect them and their brains and claim the league knew how dangerous
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the hard hits and concussions are and they hid that information. the nfl denies the claims saying the allegation they misled players has absolutely no merit. we are expecting to hear from the baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld about his decision to step down. he has left quite an impact on charm city going after criminals and determined to catch bad guys with guns. acoreing to city leaders, he says he wants to spend more time with his family. he will officially rug august 1st. time for democracy 2012. today, mitt romney will be meeting up with one of the former rivals, rick santorum,and very little is known about the meeting. it's supposed to happen in pittsburgh, but it's not going to be a chance for a photo op because both sides are not saying very much. not very much being disclosed. it's not clear whether or not santorum will throw his support behind the presumptive nominee being former massachusetts
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governor mitt romney. looking for something fun to do? plenty of activities are going on around the area. abc2 news megan pringle has preview of what's going on. you've had your microphone in the right hand and that in your left. i thought why does she have two microphones. >> reporter: it's the ability to play music, be outside and learn about words and hang out right by the water and in the heart of baltimore. that's what pierce's park is all about. it's phenomenal. and i want to bring in lori from the water front partnership of balmmore. what an in-- baltimore. what an incredible park. you must be thrilled. >> we can't wait until sunday when it opens. and kids will fill the park. >> reporter: what about the water front, i guess marriage with the park. how does that work in. >> well, water front partnership worked in the beginning with emily hiller flanigan from the downtown family alliance and the family flanigan family to help find a space around the water front
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that families like downtown could play near their homes. >> reporter: this really is a prime piece of property. you are connected to harbor east, the inner harbor, by the water. it must be an exciting place where families can come. >> that's the exciting part, that it's in an area in between two major hubs of activity. and it's a path moms take with the strollers walking their kids in the morning and in the afternoon as well as the place that tourists are coming and going from as they walk between harbor east and inner harbor. >> reporter: you will be here sunday? >> i will be here sunday. >> reporter: charley sunday is when they are going to have a ribbon cutting for the park and it's going to be opened to the public. so, people are encourage to come -- encouraged to come check it out. i enjoyed being out here and you are stuck in the studio. i will see you on monday. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. time for five things to know on this friday morning. the city of sanford getting an interim police chief news conference will be held at city
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hall to introduce rick myers who is take over the department that's been cite sized for -- criticized for how it handled trayvon martin adis. the bort board of governors for the u.s. postal service is meeting in open session. they are expect to discuss the financial update in a quarterly report on service performance. and avengers opening in theaters across the u.s. it's been a block buster overseas. the film grossed more than 178 million dollars internationally. the avengers has a chance to snag the best opening weekend gross of all time. a live look at dc where the university of kentucky men's basketball team are headed to 1600 pennsylvania avenue to meet with the president to becongratulated for winning the nc-aa title two months ago. get your bets n. the 20 horse compete -- in, the 20 horses who will win the kentucky derby. a couple horses are the favorites. among them union rag. post time set for 6:24.
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more on the breaking news. let's go live to linda so who is at the scene or near the scene in north baltimore county where there's been a massive traffic accident. we are seeing 12600 jarrettsville pike. >> reporter: we got off the phone and they say it was a tractor trailer and a vehicle that was involved. we have been able to confirm that two people are dead. two serious injured. one is in critical condition one is in serious condition. they are being taken to a local hospital. traffic is blocked off at jaretsville park and dulaney valley road. so expect the detour if you are heading out this morning. if you are familiar with the area, it's a back road area. single lane road. they are kind of woody roads. and it's -- woody roads and it's fog -- shall windy roads and it's foggy. we got a report of this accident at 6:30. if you are heading out this morning, the roads are wet and
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it's foggy. so be careful as you head out. but we have been able to confirm this is the 1200 -- 12600 block of jarrettsville pike. a tractor trailer and vehicle involved in a crash. two people are dead and two seriously injured. the two people are being taken to a low cool hospital. no words on -- local hospital. no words on their identities. we will stay on top of it and bring you the latest. >> linda so. live and lauren cook has you covered on the traffic side. one more check of the forecast before we start this friday with lynette. >> the fog is causing problems. and we can see dense patchy fog in baltimore. zero mile visibility right now and four in easton and you need to take it easy. we can see from dundalk there's nothing to see except the fog across the area there. this goes into motion and while we see more of the in laurel, not showing you a whole lot except for what's out there and that's the fog that we are
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contending with. now the satellite and radar, picking up on clouds. you can see dark grays and that's the fog and low level clouds. lots of moisture and thunderstorms back off into west virginia as of now. and that's going to be possibly work its way into our direction and upper level disturbance as we go more into the afternoon hours. so we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms to pop up once again just like we got earlier this morning. this trend will continue into tomorrow with an isolated chance for showers and storms. but for today, we are going to get very warm with the temperature coming in right around 86 degrees. a summer like pattern has set up for us and we are humid out there. as we cool down, as we head into sunday, and next week, temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s. lauren how's the traffic. >> reporter: well, we continue to follow breaking news out of baltimore county. here's live look in phoenix where a serious accident has happened. right around 6:30 this morning a. tractor trailer versus a car. police tell us that two people have been pronounced dead. two others taken to area
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hospitals with life-threatening injuries. again, it happened right around6:30. the roadway is shut down. linda so is live at the scene and bringing us updates as the developments do unfold. so, please keep that in mine as you head out. it's extremely foggy. expect reduced visibility out there on the roadways. if you are traveling on 95, no delays but north of 695 it will be an easy ride making the push through the fort mchenry tunnel or southbound towards 495. here's 695. in towson at dulaney valley road. no delays to talk about. again, just that fog. it's going to be really bad. so reduce the speeds and turn on the low beams and it's a 11 minute ride from 95 towards 83. that's a look at your abc2 time safer traffic. charley, back over to you. before we go, if we could, let's pull the map back up if we can get to it in the booth where this accident happened. once again, north baltimore county 2 confirmed dead and two
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seriously injured. near 12,600 jarrettsville pikes area predominantly rule of the north baltimore county off 695. two confirmed dead and two seriously injured. others could be having minor injuries. and abc2 news linda so is on the scene. we will have reports for you coming up in weather and traffic at 25 and 55. and also we will keep you up-to- date at if you are there and see photographs, if you can take a couple photographs, put them on facebook and let us and others know what's going on out there because this is a point where you can be our best ice on the ground. -- eyes on the ground. weather wise okay? >> weekend should be okay not too bad. >> have a great weekend. we are out of time. thanks for giving us your time. come for a smoke? yeah. no. you quit? i'm trying nicoderm cq. [ male announcer ] nicoderm cq, the patch with 24-hour smart control technology, lets you celebrate a little win every time you say no to a cigarette. nicoderm cq. quit one day at a time.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, hillary clinton, caught in the middle of that international tug-of-war. and speaking out at this hour. ll


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